Admission Details :-

Kindly take your seats 10 minutes before the class starts and thereafter no student will be allowed.

2. It is important to submit assignments on the date given by the faculty after which the submission will not be checked and graded.

3. Delay in submission will not only call for deduction of marks but also will be brought to parents attention.

4. 85% attendance in all programs is compulsory for attending the final examination.In case of failure, the student has to pay the penalty decided by the study centre. Attendance will be taken by the faculty member at the end of each class and recorded accordingly.

Attendance is compulsory for student of all programs unless valid reasons are given to support absence. Unauthorized or habitual absence will invite disciplinary action including failing the student in a subject/program or removal from roils of the Institute.

5. In case of any difficulty or suggestion kindly place your details in the “suggestion box or mail us”.

6. Kindly participate in every seminar, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, get together & Annual Design Awards for constant up gradation and exposure to the industry.

7. It is Compulsory to wear Identity Card during the class hours/visits.

8. Kindly pay the fees by cheque & cash. For your convenience fees can be paid by post dated cheques.

9. Due date for the fees payment is between 1st to 10th of every Month. Failure for the same will be charged Rs, 500 as a fine per month as late fees.

10. In case of any change in your residence address or telephone Number, please inform the administration dept. with the written application.

11. Kindly switch off mobile phones during class hours, as it is inconvenie others.

12. Program Hall ticket & Mark card should be collected from the Institute’s Notice Board.

13. During the study tour/ seminar/shows/ exhibitions the institute shall n responsible, in case of any mishap or unforseen calamity.

14. Annual design awards / exhibition / seminar/study tours are compulsc participate for constant up gradation and exposure of the industry.

15. All result / regular and repeaters exams / time table and other notices to academic activities will be display on the main notice board.

16. Medical Certificate must be submitted in the case of student proceedil medical leave.

17. The student is required to submit medical fitness certificate within three wc days of resuming his/ her studies.

18. Students will be issued identity cards at the commencement of programs during the orientation week. Student must carry the Identity with them at all time while on campus and present the same at any po time whenever asked for).

19. In the internship program the students are required to work in a professional environment. They are required to work in any garment export has( fashion / service/design & management for a per 8 weeks as per their specialization and produce a report on work done.

For any indiscipline, strict action shall betaken. We wish you have a fruitful and a successful time at the institute.